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    TWO Questions

    Just wondering if anyone new a good weapon customisation config. Like a complete configuration for slot weapons for each class. Id liked to able to change the viewmodel FOV, cross hair colour/size etc. Used Aron's Crosshair Switcher thing and i didnt particularly like the whole not being able to use the lastinv key (Q).

    I don't mind using commands which i chuck in to the class.cfgs, just dont know the commands n stuff

    just watched fragga's solly tutorial.

    I was just wondering how do i get the yellow hit text centered on top of the control point icons.
    I notice that G-Mang's HUD also has this:

    Albeit i don't really want to deviate from the default hud.

    Tried to edit the HudDamageAccount.res but to no avail.

    Could someone guide me as to how to edit this? or better yet post their HudDamageAccount.res which is similar to fragga's or to the features described above?

    any help is appreciated.

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    1. I'll be happy to help you on this. Just let me know exactly what you want for each class (and things you want in general).
    Last Weapon used is kind of a crutch, though.

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    looks like Kona has it :]. Another place that has a good library for the things you're asking for is
    coL.TF2 :3

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    hahaha yep got my first question, using broesel's crossahir switcher...thanks

    and ive already downloaded the hud damage account but still not able to to center the hit damage above the control points.

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    Not to piggy-back on your thread, but I'm interested in how to get a specific custom crosshair from another game, say Quake. Is there a place where I could start to learn how to edit those kinds of crosshairs and move around files from one game's crosshairs to TF2? I saw this video from coL.TLR and wanted to figure out how to use the Quake-like crosshair and place it on another hud separate from his CFG/HUD, but I couldn't figure it out because I think it's built into the hud or something:

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    He's using crosshair 7.

    Just go to Options > Multiplayer
    set your color to green, and pick the size you want.

    If you want to actually make your own crosshair, you'll have to create your own font file by making \tf\materials\sprites\crosshairs.vtf. Use your own font editor. You can use GCFscape to find the original.
    Hint: it's not worth it.

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    When you actually see it in game, it looks a lot different than what you see in that video. In game, the crosshair you mentioned is a lot thinner and lighter than the one TLR's using and that little difference annoys the crap out of me.

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    He has config linked in the description of the video:

    cl_crosshair_file crosshair7
    cl_crosshair_scale 0
    cl_crosshairalpha "1000"

    Try the cl_crosshairalpha "1000" if it's not dark enough for you.

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    The crosshair you're talking about is built into his HUD - here's a nice tutorial for that.


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