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Thread: Only one thing to say....

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    Col im really sorry to say that most people new CGS was going to end up dead eventually. Like it wasen't going to last long. Should have just stayed 1.6 and this issue of the whole CS roster would have never happened. The old cs roster i would think just said they liked source because they were forced too or else they will probably get fined or some crap. you were making way more money before CPL when complexity was god.

    Merry Christmas,

    P.S Wish you the best jason and building complexity back up i see it happening. Complexity #1 in 2009, say you heard it! PZ All people who wanna cry right in under the line

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    Congrats weezy for stating the obvious. You honestly are an incredible asset to this community.
    /// ` r i o t /// coL fan since 2004 [C09]

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    you were making way more money before
    i dont think mr lake was making more money, he was personally financing the team. It was advantagous for him to sell up to cgs.

    i hope this time mr lake can build a proper organisation. One that is capable of sustaining itself. I'd like to see them do well in that scenario

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    i hope 2009 will be coL's year!
    I can see your sad even when you smile, even when you laugh..


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