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Thread: Tournament: Invitational #2

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    Default Tournament: Invitational #2

    Presented by is the easiest way to create live video and show anyone in the world what's happening right now. Using only a laptop, you can share your event, class, party or thoughts, live, to anyone in over 250 countries while they chat in real-time with you and with other viewers. makes it fun, easy and fast to gather and engage with a live audience.

    Additonal Sponsors:

    Tournament Format
    - This is an invite-only tournament.
    - There will be a 30 min check-in time. Check In starts on March 18th at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST.
    - This is a three day double-elimination tournament:
    --- 3/18 4pm PST / 7pm EST: WB: R1-R3, LB: R1-R6
    --- 3/19 11am PST / 2pm EST: WB: Quarter + Semi Final, LB R7-R9 (R9 = LB Semi Final)
    --- 3/20 11am PST / 2pm EST: WB Finals, LB Finals, Grand Final

    Prizes & Sponsors
    - $1000 in cash prizes are sponsored by the streaming service split 1st-3rd $600 / $300 / $100.
    - Headset and mousepad for 1st place provided by Zowie Gear
    - $25 gift credit 1st-4th place from Split Reason
    - Winners will be contacted in-game or by email, cash prizes will be sent via paypal.

    Event Coverage
    - Casting for this event will be provided by Gosu Crew
    - Other casters maybe added later
    - Live brackets, replays, match details will be available during the event at
    - To have your game cast, contact an admin or post here Qualifiers
    - A single elimination open tournament
    - Winner of each event will receive an invite code to the Invitational #2
    - Qualifier dates: Feb. 10, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, March 3, March 10.
    - Time for Qualifiers: 7 PM EST / 4 PST for all days
    - Links for each qualifier listed below:
    Qualifier #1
    Qualifier #2
    Qualifier #3
    Qualifier #4
    Qualifier #5

    Qualifier Registration
    - Register for the JTV Qualifier #1 through #5 at
    - Required check-in starts 20 min before the event: go to the z33k event page and click check-in
    - Registration is free and open to any Starcraft 2 player in the North American Region.
    - Only one key can be won per person, and it can only be used for the winner’s account.

    Please send questions about qualifiers, sponsorships or the invitational to:
    [email protected]
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    Cool event, gl!

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    List is pretty much finalized and we have Khaldor, Total Biscuit and Midnight also casting along with my crew.

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    compLexity fighting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antimage View Post
    compLexity fighting!!!
    We look forward to seeing your team compete ^.^

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    THe list is COMPLETE!!! We'll see everyone Friday


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