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Thread: Avoid FireFlash SC2 Tourneys

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    Just a public notice I felt compelled to post. I would suggest that all SC2 players be wary of playing in any tournaments thrown by "FireFlash." Despite repeated requests he has not paid out the prizes from his last event (over 1.5 months ago).

    Event information:

    My statement on the matter:

    For the record, these prizes have not been paid out despite the fact this event was over 1.5 months ago. Neither MoMaN nor CrunCher have seen a dollar. Despite repeated promises via email, FireFlash has not paid the owed prizes.

    I post this simply because with the influx of small events like these I believe it's important to hold tournament organizers accountable. Gamers who participate in events trust that their efforts will not be taken advantage of. FireFlash received the publicity for this tourney but did not fulfill his obligations.

    In the future, I urge people to avoid FireFlash events unless and until he does right by MoMaN and CrunCher. As a community we must hold organizers accountable.

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    I completely agree

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    People like that make me sad... if you're gunna hold an event and profit from it, why not pay the people who rightfully deserve the money... >.<

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    Again, for the record, CrunCher received his funds about 7 hours after my post. Thank you to FireFlash for stepping up and paying. (I am unsure if MoMaN received his funds as of this post.)

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    Wonder if this thread prompted it or if there was some legitimate reason why he wasn't paid until now.


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