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    bored so here you go col forums:

    so i went hard like medusa staring at me i told col forums lets go lets blow this lame dead team. they said what kind of community do u think that we are? the kind you meet on gotfrag? you think you can flame whoever you want cause you some kind of star?

    digi coming at cha when i get up all in ya we can hear the teammates calling us.we can see the bomb blow up b4 us and we dont need a team i make that body light up. i make my gun say pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew like an ak pew pew pew pew

    my m4 is black my kevlar is blue and ill be damn if my gloves aint 2. my momma aint at home and my daddy passed out. my m4 is black my kevlar is blue and ill be damned if my gloves arent 2. anybody see the bomb?

    i comb the site and pick you out my mouse moves to fast for you to figure it out. it starts eyes closed to punches out to i swear you're hacking. i swear you're hacking.

    you ready? lets frag. for those of you who dont know whats about to happen its like this yall. its 10% random 20% walls 15% concentration thats ill 5% bored 50% laughter and 100% reason to call you a hacker.

    just some songs i was listening to and then i was like wait a tick lets change the words and tada thats what i came up with. rofl enjoy.


    Im not fraggin you, the way i wanted to. what i had to do. Had to frag harder than you. now im fraggin you, but somethings wrong. and that haunted you. all the way to b site. So youll never know, never never know, never know if i cheated, til its over bra. till we lose control. counter strike over load. screaming shit! fuck! cunt! faggot! hacker! Im not fraggin you, the way i wanted to. every time i move but cant escape from you. so i keep it low, keep my secret cool. so my teammates dont have to know. keepin my hacks locked down, my hacks locked down, (repeat 3 more times), you lose!

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    lol that was entertaining

    And as the finishing touch, God created the Dutch

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    Eh :P That was interesting.

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    that was me being very bored


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