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Thread: So ROOT is now coL?

  1. Default So ROOT is now coL?

    Excepting Kiwi and Slush from what I hear?

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    8 hours past the post that Root was acquired by coL? Pointless questions will be pointless.

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    Yep! Super excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revsta View Post
    8 hours past the post that Root was acquired by coL? Pointless questions will be pointless.
    Sorry I was mostly attempting to make sure I had the right forum since I assumed ROOT would shut theirs down and move here. It seemed kinda dead around here :S

    I look forwards to the excitement

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    Long time root fan.
    Mixed feelings about the move but hopeful for the future!

    I hope this works out for everyone.

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    it won't be dead if you stick arround DasSmither we can make a great community here

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    While at first this didn't seem to make any sense and was truthfully a little saddening, it does make perfect sense. This just seems like the perfect time to take a more serious stance on starcraft 2 for the previous ROOT team and for foreigners in general. I hope CatZ and the rest of the ROOT team makes it as big as I know they can.

    CatZ has the potential to become one of the top foreigners. I expect to see you winning catZ.

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    Pretty cool community here at complexity im sure the root fans will fit right in

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    Both are/were great communities so it should only get stronger.

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    After reading CatZ and drewbies statements about this move, I am starting to get excited on their behalf. I'll always love, remember and greatly miss ROOT, but look forward to see my favorite players being able to focus on the game.

    Good luck in coL, I'll never stop rooting for you!

    Looking forward to become a part of this community.


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