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    Hello, my name is David Ward, I am currently apart of a Clan on Xbox 360 playing competitively on the Gears of War 1 circuit.
    We are wanting a organisation behind us for the benefit of the team and the growth of the team, and we have decided that this organisation will be the best choice for our team.

    Our Four Man Team consists off;

    David "Spiderz" Ward
    Jamie "Pacman" Lloyd
    Micheal "Wolfer" Fowler
    Darren "Venom" Fowler

    On xbox we are known as pX, (Project X) we have been together for over 6 months and gained chemistry over this time together.
    Our next competitive tournament will be hosted in Loughborough, ECL 3 29th - 30th july, we are expected high ranking from this tournament Top 5+
    We all look forward to be hearing from you in the near future.
    Sincerley David.

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    Your best bet is to play at MLG and get recognized. GL

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    Yes, i would agree with you, however we are recognized within the UK and are wanting to expand with this organisation.

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    MLG Doesn't have GoW1 or 2. It is pretty much a dead game until GoW 3 comes out.

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    ECL is a up and coming English version of MLG, and has Gears of war 1 and 2, with big prizes

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    isn't GoW3 coming out soon? I'd say start playing that and that'll be your best bet.


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