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Thread: [SHOW] The CaZt of Zerg

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    Default [SHOW] The CaZt of Zerg

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    I know that I don't really do a lot of commentary or the thoughts behind my builds or "Theory" on my stream, so I decided to start a weekly showmatch series casted by myself and good old Kyle.

    Who is Kyle? you ignorant you...

    Kyle (known as Renegade in game) is one of Destiny's regulars on his stream, i've known him since 3rd grade (not).

    He is also the infamous "TL Mod" from the CombatEX sad incident.

    I am tired of scouting talent in players. Kyle I always thought he had great things to say during games, his game analysis is great and he rarely talks about stuff he doesn't understand like the rest of us usually do. For this reasons combined with his great casting voice, I thought he would make a fantastic caster and I've been trying to persuade him to become a sc2 caster, this weekly showmatches should be Kyle's jump start into his casting career.


    We'll cast a BO5 between known/accomplished/'good' players and analyze the game, after we might be able to conduct interviews with the players in the Show Match to pick their brain on decisions they made during the games or their thought process behind their strategy.


    After the pros are done, we'll pick 2 people from the forums to play a BO3 (preferably in the range of Bronze to Diamond) we'll analyze (and perhaps be a little bit mean and critical of their play) and then give a few tips on how to improve their play.


    yes, we'll always have 1 zerg player per match, but of course we don't wanna cast only ZvZs and so the 'other' player will be a representative of any of the 3 races.


    The official forum post for the show is here! so just post: Why should you be featured in this week's show? we'll pick the people with the best stories (or rather the person with the best reason/story and someone of his level)

    please be sure to include what league you're in, the showmatches will take place in the NA server exclusively.

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    This will be fun, GJ for making this CatZ!

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    should be cool to watch.

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    Why are all the cool casters playing on NA >_<

  5. Default Why take me - or why not...

    Hei CatZ.

    Here is, why you should take me: I am doing an AMAAAAZING bike tour through the baltic states for the next 2 months ... damn, that's also why you shouldn't pick me .

    Gonna miss you, good sir! Maybe one day after the tour =).


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    Hey, I'm SCGenX, a top masters Zerg player. I like to call myself the Pokebunny of Zerg, seeing as how I am quite young and have very many unique strats Hope to get picked, much love <3

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    Hey, I'm Idunno and I play Zerg.

    I'm [Captain Jack Sparrow] a top 8 platinum player. I play casually [on the island of Tortuga]. I love [raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze] Starcraft 2 for the competitive and complex nature of the game. Big fan of [Johnny Depp] Catz, and looking forward to [mountains of cocaine] Kyle's sweet voice getting some more air time.

    You should pick me because Pirates of the Caribbean is a great movie.

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    Sup, I am a masters terran player and I want to be on the show to get analyzed by someone of high caliber and to overall improve my gameplay because of the new aspiring analyst(s). I play pretty standard all of the time and try to do MMA's style of play when I am in the position to or get the chance to.

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    Yo CatZ. I should play on the show because I am Diamond Terran and also because I am EX-ROOT Assassin. Would be sick to see my game analyzed by good players obv =D.

    Also, I have NA account, since I live in NA. That's a good skill to have.


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    Hey, I'm El Pokemono (DeCPokemono.634) I'm a diamond Terran player and I WANNA CATCH 'EM ALL!

    I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.
    I will travel across the land, searching far and wide.
    El Pokemono understands, the power thats inside.

    Marines, it's you and me.
    2 rax is my destiny.
    Siege Tanks, oh you're my best friend.
    In a world we must defend.
    Medivac, a heart so true.
    Your healing will pull us through.

    You stim me and I'll stim you,
    Gotta catch em all, EL POKEMONO!


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