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Thread: Props Jason Lake :)

  1. Default Props Jason Lake :)

    That interview ( was sick, Mr. Lake

    The old school talk got me all hyped up about complexity's history so I had to google and wiki complexity to learn more

    Much to my surprise it says you formed coL back in 2003 with s0ck and yoshi...! I was taken aback because I went to high school with those two and remembering having lunch with them all the time and just talking about CS. Very cool

    I'm so sad that I couldn't follow the CS scene as much as I did during high school since college just didn't allow the time to D:

    Anyway, good luck to you and your sick SC2 team Jason Lake

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    Thanks very much, I appreciate it.

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    gogogogo lake!

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    great interview

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    keep up the good work jason

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    Quote Originally Posted by coL.CatZ View Post
    gogogogo lake!
    suck up


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