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Thread: Akinator: Crazy Predictions

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    Default Akinator: Crazy Predictions

    I haven't been able to stump this thing.. it's crazy!

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    WOW 5 for 5 so far man this thing is good

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    Yea that sucker is an unstoppable menace. There is a 20 question algorithm that will get you the answer more or less and if that doesn't do it, Akinator feeds off every answer growing his database. ^^ He sometimes confuses similar people (Jaedong & Flash) haven't fooled him in awhile.

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    Aha! Defeated it with crunCher

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    defeated with Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic. he got it after i did about 28 questions i guess that isn't defeated lol

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    it got Grubby... i lose

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    Can't win....EDIT I WON! Thought of Jessica Simpson SICK HAHAHA

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    LOL it guessed drewbie for me omg this thing is amazing


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