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Thread: New DotA 2 team Proposal

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    We are team EZ style of North America.
    Our roster consists of (past teams)
    BuLba(Team USA, AzN, Decisive gaming)
    Powernet(Ok.Nirvana.Int, Team USA)
    iNPHinity(Decisive, FYC)

    We are the premiere team in North America at the moment. We currently took second in the BENQ Dota 2 Tournament where we beat teams such as monkey (groups), 4gl, and DTS. Monkey and 4gl were both teams who went to ESWC and beat the likes of Na'Vi and Ehome. Unfortunately we did not have our full roster because one of our players had PC problems (me) but we were undefeated in all games except the finals going 2-1.
    We are also invited to the Defense, a 14k tournament for Dota 2 sponsored by own3d and and will be invited to all future tournaments in dota 2 in the foreseeable future.

    Our past accomplishments:
    Powernet and I were both in the roster for Team USA in the MYM Prime Nations tournament. We took first place in the tournament after defeating Ukraine (Basically the roster for Na'Vi DotA, the team that won The International @Gamescom)
    1437 and Universe were both on the roster for OK.Nirvana and won 25k at the tournament. They beat Chinese giants such as Tyloo, Nirvana.China and gave IG.Z(yes the team sold for 6 million dollars) a 70 minute epic game where they almost won. PowerNet and I were also supposed to go for the team but because of other circumstances, we could not.
    We have had several other successes in North American tournaments.
    Powernet, Universe and 1437 also did very well with in tournaments such as Battle of the Masters (placing second) against teams like MYM/m5/Na'VI and did well in the Intel Supercup challenge.

    Without a doubt, we are the best North American team in DotA at the moment(both dota 1 and 2). We have the best players from the US in our team and we have a lot of potential. We want to remain the best not only in the US but also take on International teams in China and Europe. We already have the skills and teamwork to compete with these teams.
    DotA2 will be without a doubt on the same level of starcraft 2 in the Esports teams. Merging pools from HoN, Dota 1 and LoL,it will be inevitable to see a huge rise in sponsors, glory and viewership.
    Tournaments like BENQ scored around 10k viewers adding up both the Russian stream and the English stream. Sponsors like own3d and twitch realize how big dota 2 will be and they are already taking advantage sponsoring tournaments like the Defense(14000 dollars sponsored by own3d).
    Tournaments are coming up monthly with Huge prize pools never seen before in DotA. Similiar to the Starcraft 2 beta scene but bigger.. a 14k tournament in just closed beta? Imagine release.
    With our team and roster, you will have a huge amount of potential and individual skill at your disposal. We have all had experience in competitive dota but now the scene is actually taking off. Within a year and with the rise of Dota 2 in leagues such as MLG/ESWC/SMM/WDC and Gamescom, Dota 2 will be competing with sc2 for the top of the ESports scene and we will surely be at the top.

    Thanks for reading,
    You can contact me or powernet on skype.
    powernet= timtimtim388 and
    Bulba= bulba-saur

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    BuLba pretty much summed everything up. I'd just like to restate the fact that Dota 2 is gonna be gigantic. I'm not saying it will for sure be on the same level as Starcraft 2 e-sports wise, but things are looking very good. So far in the beta there has been a $1,000,000 tournament, a $700 tournament, and a soon to be $14,000 tournament. Valve also plans to hold International tournaments every year. We all have huge plans for Dota 2, and we would be proud to represent complexity at the many LAN events in the future.

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
    My skype is TheWhiteMamba_24, and BuLba and PowerNet's skype is in the OP.

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    *$1,600,000 *

    just a small difference lol


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