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Thread: drewbie's Strategy Guide

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    Default drewbie's Strategy Guide

    Hey guys, I wanted to do something nice for all of you for the holidays! I have been doing lessons for almost a year now, and I think I am a pretty good teacher (at least my students seem happy!). I really want to focus on streaming for a while though, so I decided that I am going to take a break from doing lessons for the next month or so. Instead, I am just going to give it away for free! So, I wrote out a few of my favorite Terran strategies and did my best to explain what to do in every situation when playing each build. I also included some replays of me doing the build orders and analyzed some of the games. I hope that players that are trying to improve, or are thinking about taking lessons or have in the past will try reading this, and I hope that you learn something that helps to make you a better player!

    Terran vs Protoss

    So, right now against Protoss my go-to build is a one barracks no-gas expand. This build can stop any rushes and it gives you a good economy, I think it is a good all-around strategy.

    Before we get to the build-order, I just have to go over some early game Terran vs Protoss things that you should be doing every single game. Every player should learn how to scout vs Protoss, and how you can decipher what exactly they are about to throw at you.
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    1 Barracks No-Gas Expand:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    My game plan in the midgame:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    And this is what I try to do in the late game vs Protoss:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Ok so that is my TvP game plan. I have saved 3 replays of me doing this build and you can find them here One of the games (vs moggi) I watched the replay and analyzed the game and wrote down what I was doing and what was going through my head. I put that on a notepad and it is zipped with the replays, be sure to look at that while watching the TvP FE moggi replay

    Terran vs Terran

    TvT is an interesting match-up right now. There are so many different TvT builds and styles and there is no real "optimal" strategy. I'm going to write about two builds that I know really well and that have worked well in the past. One is a fast expand build that I would use on big maps, while the other is a one-one-one that gives you the ability to be aggressive and put pressure on your opponent.

    The first strategy is a 1-1-1 build:

    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    The second strategy is a one barracks fast expand:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Ok so those are my two go-to TvT early game plans, and now for the mid-late game:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    OK so here are some replays of me playing these strategies:
    There are 3 replays, and in 2 of them I watched the replay and analyzed what I was doing and pointed out my own mistakes so that you won't make them ! The 2 notepads are in the zip file with the replays, check them out when you watch.

    Terran vs Zerg

    This is my favorite match up to play right now, it comes down to having good micro and making really smart decisions with your army control, as well as having good multitasking to harass the crap out of your opponent. My first strategy is a reactor-hellion opener where you expand fast and then transition to a two base timing attack. The second is a 1 barracks no-gas expand into blue-flame hellions that gives you an awesome economy and a chance to toast some drones, and then transitions into either marine tank or mech, whichever you prefer.

    Reactor Hellion Opener:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    1 Barracks Gasless Expand:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Late game TvZ:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Here are some replays of me playing TvZ doing these two build orders:
    There is seven replays agaisnt zerg in that file, and for four of the games I analyzed my thought process and tried to point out any mistakes so that you won't make them too !

    OK and one last thing, I just wanted to share a few tips that help me to be a better player and improve:

    Having a good Hotkey setup:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Rally Points:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Keep your base organized:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Write it down:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Every player has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Some players love to micro, some players love to macro. Some like to win games fast and some like to go to the long game. You can make any way work, you just need to find a solid build order that compliments your style, and figure out what you are going to do in every possible imagineable circumstance that could arise in a game of starcraft 2.

    I think that my strategies and gameplans are a really good start for any terran player below grandmasters (they work for me agaisnt top players), and as long as you stick to it and learn the timings and how to deal with what your opponent can throw at you, you will get a lot more consistent, you will start to predict exactly what your opponent is going to do and the best part is that you are going to know exactly what you have to do to stop it and win the game.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and can use this as tool to help improve your game.

    CHEERS, coLdrewbie

    ok so megaupload died I put the replays up on media fire and edited it, I will put the new links here at the bottom too
    TvZ -
    TvT -
    TvP -
    if anything is screwed up just post in this thread or tweet at me or something and I will fix it @coLdrewbie ~ THX
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    very nice guide ^^

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    Hi, i created an account just to say GG = Good Guide!

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    Thanks! I just switched to Terran and this is very helpful!

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    I will defeat you from the inside out using your own strategies.

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    Great stuff drew!!!

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    Great Post dood. Maybe now I can actually learn to play the game

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    Finally! A descent guide regarding the TvZ Reactor Hellion Opener.


  9. Default Great guide

    Thanks Drewbie!!!! You've been my favorite terran player since the ROOT days. You got me into SC2. This is awesome.

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    I just registered to say thank you for this, excellent guide, thank you for all your work!


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