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Thread: The best move for CompLexity's future.

  1. Default The best move for CompLexity's future.

    Hello I am terran player Libo "Xenocider" Chang

    Let me start off by telling you who I am, I'm a 14 year old Terran grandmaster from Oviedo, Florida (very small town). Recently I have run into a predicament, I just don't have efficient practice, I was once rank 3 with over 70% winrate, I practiced every day for hours on end just so I could improve to the best of my ability. However as of late, I have lost motivation with ladder and just done random things, the games don't feel as difficult as they once did, the only hard games I play are versus top players. (Not to sound cocky but this is just how it is, low GM/high masters on NA isn't anything anymore.)

    I found the problem is, I need sufficient practice partners, players I know who can give me competition and more, and I reside in team CompLexity to help give me that opportunity. I also don't have any means to go to any tournaments, there are little to no Starcraft lans in Florida (T_T) and the last major event was MLG in which I was low masters. Both of which I think CompLexity can help me with significantly.

    Recently, almost every tournament or weekly cup I play in is me destroying the foreigner competition, but losing to a Korean just because I don't have the practice vs that high skill-set. A good example of this is the last CSN Rundown #7 when I beat CatZ (2-0 sorry I need to prove a point! Q_Q) but then fell to viOlet 0-2 in 2 VERY close games. Both of the games I could/should have won, but I'm almost never in a situation like when I was versus viOlet, and I fell apart due to lack of experience. I practice vs KilleR a lot, and most the time come out on top. I feel I can take down any foreigner and some koreans, but I just haven't been given the opportunity.

    I have also been playing a lot of coL members on ladder! The games are always fun, most recently games versus Goswser and Ryze, which I think I performed pretty well, but I'm not sure maybe they have something to say about that. :P I am an extremely macro orientated player, I have all-ins but I only use them in bo3/bo5 series as something to make me less unpredictable. When I was playing CatZ in CSN my friends were telling me on his stream he said my micro was very good and that I had a solid playstyle, so I'll take his word for it ^.^ Obviously I have a lot of room for improvement but right now I just want to conquer my nerves.

    So Jason Lake, you may not see this but I plead to you to give me a chance, if you do I promise I will not disappoint, and I am a man of my word if nothing else. If you do not accept me then I understand and accept your decision whole-heartedly, I will make sure to practice enough so that one day you'll either appreciate having me or regret not taking me when you had the chance.

    GG's to the coL community, and have fun yo!

    Something I'd like to add, if you ever try me out for your SC2 roster, please let it be because of me as a player rather than me as a 14 year old. If you send me to an event don't let it become a headline maker - "14 year old takes down Sheth". Send me as you would a regular player, someone you have confidence in that can either win or do extremely well at the event. I hate people that take shortcuts and I'm not letting my age become mine, if it wasn't part of the package I would never even mention my name.

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    Really appreciate your interest! Right now the coL Academy doesn't accept players your age but we'll keep an eye on you and wish you the best

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    Pretty realistic attitude for a 14-year old. Keep it up man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 View Post
    Really appreciate your interest! Right now the coL Academy doesn't accept players your age but we'll keep an eye on you and wish you the best
    If I'm not mistaken it sounded like he wanted to try out for the main roster. Though I'd imagine the age limit is applied even more so there than versus the academy.

    It seems the general answer you've been looking for has been given, however, if you'd want to add me in game: TRKyo.410 I can add you to the daily practice channel if you'd like, Xeno.

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    this kid isn't a joke, very good player ive hit him alot


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