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Thread: Nirvana Gaming apply for compLexity Gaming :D

  1. Default Nirvana Gaming apply for compLexity Gaming :D

    Clan COD4 Apply: Nirvana Gaming
    Country: GREECE
    The Team

    Elias“rubzey”Paschalides (Team captain)
    GR, 17 Years Old
    Previous teams: TvL,NETSKY,Replay,Noise
    Guid: 7ec61b2c

    GR, 17 Years Old
    Previous teams: Noise,dLiNG

    GR, 18 years Old
    Previous teams: SUBLiME,ZEDEK,ZYKON

    GR, 17 Years Old
    Previous teams: HEAT,Replay,TvL
    Guid: acec3d91

    GR, 17 Years Old
    Previous teams:HEAT,Replay,TvL
    Guid: d138cf2d
    #CGA 10-14 vs ctech (LOSE) 16-8 vs Syphon (WIN) 12-12 vs Linex (DRAW) 15-9 vs MINDLESS (WIN) 13-11 vs SG (WIN) 15-8 vs mYi (WIN) 11-13 vs ex-gam (LOSE) 17-7 vs TSC (WIN)

    #Cod.Decent 13-7 vs Diabulus (WIN) 13-5 vs RTMS aka MSTR (WIN) 12-12 vs insidiae (DRAW) 12-12 vs TRGN (DRAW) 14-10 vs Dkz (WIN) 13-11 vs FeaR (WIN) 13-11 vs noBRN aka Hysteria (WIN) 13-7 vs fRESH (WIN) 13-6 vs beatus (WIN) 13-2 vs ins (WIN) 13-2 vs dE (WIN) 13-3 vs dzl.FO (WIN) 13-10 vs aSpera (WIN) denied ex NIRVANA 13-3 (WIN)

    About the team

    We formed 6 months ago and we decided to find a multigaming .
    We are ambitious and motivated.


    Why we should get in

    We want improve our level and play against better teams. We play esh, cga, esl, odc… and decent on irc. In decent we win a lot of wars and sometimes the opponent ragequit or don’t play seriously…we can’t finish wars… In we’ll not see teams like that and we’ll learn more. We are serious and we intend to go in lan (AGL ATHENS GAMING LEAGUE 2012…)And we won to NETCUPS FRAGLAN 2011 and we took the 2nd place at lan with Team Replay (ex-team)

    xfires:rubzonr77haxoff (rubzey)
    blackjm55 (JimmYz)
    mitsosg7 (pqny0)

    Quakenet accounts :auth rubzey
    auth pqn

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    Thanks very much for your interest! If we look towards COD we'll keep you in mind!

    Best wishes,



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