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Thread: Allstar CoD4 Team Application - Ex FNATIC, MYM, DIGNITAS and REASON GAMING

  1. Default Allstar CoD4 Team Application - Ex FNATIC, MYM, DIGNITAS and REASON GAMING

    Hey guys,

    My name is Jason 'Lookzor' Perez O'Connor, a pro from Call Of duty 4 who used to play for Meet Your Makers, Team Dignitas and
    Reason Gaming.

    I remember once upon a time you had a Call Of Duty 4 Team, and since then I assume you either haven't seen potential staying in the Call of duty 4 scene, or you just haven't had an application from a team that can provide you with what you want (ie exposure, good results, new following)

    Hear me out before you give me the dissaproval stamp joking aside, let me explain what were trying to do, and what we can do for you:

    First let's start with the lineup :-

    Our team consists of some of the most recognized and followed players in the Call of duty 4 scene (players whos opinion matter to the call of duty 4 community)

    Tom 'D1ablo' Newman
    Ex clans: MYM and REASON GAMING

    Ryan 'Duffer' Duffy

    Jon 'Raz' Baker
    Ex Teams: Dignitas and Fnatic

    Chris 'Blackmane' Kinnair
    Ex Teams: Dignitas and Winfakt

    Daniel 'SoCLoN' Perez O'Connor
    Ex Teams: MYM (Former TLR), Dignitas and REASON GAMING

    Jason 'LoOkzor' Perez O'Connor (Backup and Team Manager)
    Ex Teams: MYM (Former TLR), Dignitas and REASON GAMING

    Teams Collective Achievements (both LAN and ONLINE):
    i32 LAN - 2nd Place - £750
    i33 LAN - 1st Place - 6000 Euros
    CDC4 LAN - 2nd Place - 2000 Euros
    i33 LAN - 2nd Place - 3000 Euros
    AEF LAN - 5th - Hardware
    TEX 08 LAN - 9th - 400 Euros
    i32 LAN - 1st - £1500
    i34 LAN - 3rd - 1500 Euros
    Live2win Season 2 Online - 2nd - 1000 Euros
    CC5 LAN - 1st - 2500 Euros
    LAN79 LAN - 1st - 2500 Euros
    Gamerland LAN - 2nd - 3000 Euros
    ESL EPS Season 2 LAN - 4th - £800
    Outpost on fire 3 LAN - 3rd - 1500 Euros
    TEX 09 LAN - 5-8th - 400 Euros
    CiC7 LAN - 2nd - 2500 Euros
    Sec LAN - 4th - 700 Euros
    Xfire Prize Night Online - 1st - 500 Euros
    ESWC iPower LAN - 3rd - Hardware (total worth 7.5k Euros)
    SGL Summer Slam Lan - 4th - £250
    ESL EPS Season 1 LAN - 1st - £5000
    ESL EPS Season 2 LAN - 2nd - £1600

    Plus tons of other wins and tournaments I'm sure we've missed, such as other CoD4 and even CoD2 tournaments.

    Some tournaments are repeated because we were in separate teams at that time.

    Should you want us to backup those results we can arrange something to show you or have someone you can contact to verify all those results. I'm not sure if you guys followed the Call of duty 4 scene but if you did I'm sure you'd of heard of us.

    Here you can refer to an old gotfrag ranking:

    All the players involved were in the top 3 clans in the european rankings.

    I'm pretty sure there is no doubting our results, so the next question is, what can we bring to complexity that would benefit you and your sponsors:

    Well firstly, we have some of the most recognized, fanned and controversial players in the game. The fans love our personality, our playstyle and our whole history as CoD players. This means that (and they have said this) they'd like to see us get an org and start playing in online tournaments and LANs, as the scene is missing a unique set of players, and were just what the community needs (which means more eyes).

    That still begs the question, what followers do we currently have, and how getting an organization and support can improve this:

    As of now both me and one of our other players have a combined 3500 Subscribed users on our youtube channels, with over 800,000 views. We have planned to do videos in the near future to increase our subscribers and views. We'd much prefer to do this with an organization we can use for branding. We predict that going on current stats, we'd get anywhere between 10k-20k views per video (and were lowballing with this figure).

    Our 3rd player blackmane has also began streaming our practice games via twitch TV. He has now gotten over 200,000 views with now upto 200 viewers tuning in per practice session. This number keeps increasing as we begin to play more and more.

    He has only been doing this a short while so we expect it to grow as soon as we begin playing at online tournaments and LANs.

    I also own my self hosted player branded site that receives roughly 40-50 uniques per day and over 100 when I post an update.

    And last but not least, were planning on building player and teambased facebook pages to keep our users updated. So far the pros who have stuck with facebook and promoted their accounts have between 3000-6000 facebook likes, and with a bit of effort I think we could surpass that with the fanbase and likability we have.

    Aside from that I know that a lot of players base what they use on what their favourite players use, and this could be to the sponsors advantage, For example, on anouncement of our return, many of our players got spammed with messages asking for our configs and peripherals that we use so that they too could copy us.

    The last benefit, I, as a 6th player (backup) currently have a huge project in the works for esports. Me and my partner are going to begin with the Call of duty 4 community in an attempt to revitalize the community. We feel this has a very good chance of working, and have a plan in place to get tons of eyes upon the release of our project through various marketing methods.

    Endorsing this project could get you a lot of publicity and viewers, both for complexity and your sponsors.

    I understand that you may not want to risk reputation or money on a scene you've probably not followed in a while, but would you perhaps instead be willing to give us a trial run, allowing us to represent you via online tournaments and promoting you via our social mediums as best as possible.

    To finish off, I'd like to leave some stats with you, just to show that there is potential:

    Xfire states that:

    55-60k people still play Call Of Duty 4 Online on a daily basis (And this is only for those who do use xfire, we predict there could be another 10-15k or more who do not use xfire, plus a lot more who will be coming out of retirement when call of duty 4 picks up this year, ie when lans and online tournaments begin). That's more than any other FPS game online.

    Google shows that Call Of duty 4 Terms are still searched over 500,000 times a month!

    Facebook shows that Apps, Pages and User interaction regarding Call of Duty and Call Of Duty 4 on facebook has millions of users.

    One of the PROs called phantasy (an ex team mate of some of our players) with a bit of effort on youtube has achieved 1.4 Million views and 20 k subscribers using only Call of duty 4 videos to achieve them.

    The player Miracle from FNATIC currently gets anywhere from 500 to over 1000 viewers per practice match, and as streaming is new to the Call Of Duty 4 scene, with a bit more time it could grow to be a lot higher.

    Those stats a lone tells me that there is potential in the community, it just needs to be tapped into.

    As for tournaments, there is an ESL EMS online tournament coming up, and Call Of Duty 4 has been chosen as one of its game. We'd really like to represent a team!

    I hope you give us a chance, if only a trial, just to see how things go for both complexity and us. I really think this could be beneficial for complexity, its sponsors and us.

    Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.

    P.S. I realize I could have e-mailed you or contacted you via IRC, but as I see you actively answer on your forum I saw fit to post on here, I hope you don't mind.

    If you want to contact me via your decision and would not like to answer here, you can add me on:

    xfire: xcediuZ
    E-mail: [email protected]

    or simply send me a message via the complexity site.

    Should you need links, please message me and we can arrange it.

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    Thanks very much for your interest. We're not currently looking at COD4 teams but will keep you in mind if we go that direction.

    Best wishes!


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