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    Default TvP Mech Talk

    Okay, so I kind of figured out how to get mech to work in TvP. It's rough but it can be done mainly because people react to it like "Oh I'll just mass immortals and zealots." Well, what you want to do is get them to screw up as much as possible, and slow them down while massing up a bunch of tanks, hellions, thors, ravens (1-2 of these), ghosts, vikings (1-2 is good), and banshees (cloak please).

    Now, what you'd think is "Oh well if I go mech they'll just destroy me before I max out" and that's true. But if you open with cloak banshees and hellions, you can harass them while you go for a third and possibly 4th base (4th gas only). You can max in about 15-17 minutes depending on what goes on, and the army you'll be going up against isn't that great as long as you have the right units. Usually after the first late game fight, if you survive it, you'll end up with minimal casualties and you'll be able to press forward and end the game right then and there.

    Harassing the Other Guy

    - Hellions are relatively cheap being that they are only 100 minerals and they don't cost a lot of time to make. This gives you a chance to scout for a possible third base, as well as make sure you know when or if the protoss player will move out (most likely not if on two bases). You absolutely need a good amount of hellions in your army (let's just say 12-15 hellions), as well as just for scouting/harassing because what else are you going to use for that purpose? Banshees are a pain to lose so this is pretty much your only option.

    - Cloak banshees are useful for the fact that some protoss players send their first observer straight to your base and they won't have any detection back at home - giving you a good chance to snipe some probes. If you hide your starport in your base it makes it a little easier to pull off since they might not think it's coming.

    You can also use the banshees later on as great damage dealing units in your army. Most protoss armies, like I said will just be zealots and immortals with a few high templars and possibly some stalkers if you have air units.

    Army Composition

    Thors (4-6) - I usually go with about 4 Thors total, they are okay against things like stalkers. But when the other guy makes a ton of immortals and zealots, they aren't too good of a unit except for the fact that they can absorb some damage and block units from getting to your tanks. You'll also probably get feedbacked by high templars and that kind of sucks for people who make a super army of mainly Thors.

    Siege Tanks (10-15) - You want a good number of tanks because Protoss armies are usually just ground units, and they clump up pretty well. Usually Protoss armies are balls of death and splash damage is great against them. Always have your siege tanks behind the rest of your army, make a wall with your Thors so nothing can slip by and kill your tanks.

    Hellions - Hellions do a hell of a lot of splash damage to zealots, that's about it though - you can also scout ahead of your army with hellions which is nice and convenient instead of wasting scans. In an engagement, don't bother trying to micro your hellions - just make sure they're in a good position to do some damage to anything that will come close to your thors.

    Ghosts - Really important to have about 4 to 6 ghosts just for EMP as well as sniping High Templars. Focus on EMPing the HTs first, then the rest of the army. Try not to waste EMP or stack it more than you need to.

    Banshees (4-6) - Get cloak on these, it helps out a lot in the late game engagements. If you get banshees, the Protoss player will be forced to make observers. Usually they only make 1 and follow their army with it. That's not a big deal, if you have a raven and a couple vikings, that observer will just go poof quickly leaving the Protoss with no detection when you've got 4 to 6 banshees doing a considerable amount of damage.

    Vikings (2) - Just to snipe observers quickly, you want 2 just in case 1 dies.

    Ravens (2) - I haven't tried it with 2 yet, but I feel like having just 1 isn't safe. Ravens are good for spotting observers so your vikings can kill them, making it possible to do a lot of damage with cloak banshees. Point defense drones are also nice because since you have some air units, the Protoss player can't just go pure anti-ground, he will have to make some stalkers which suck against your army.

    Other Thoughts

    Battlecruisers instead of Thors? You'll force the other guy to go into Stargate tech or build more stalkers. Instead of walling off your tanks with Thors you could just surround your tanks with hellions.

    If it goes into the extreme late game stage you can just build a bunch of orbitals and sacrifice a lot of workers, leaving you with supply room for both Battlecruisers AND thors. What kind of Protoss player would be able to figure out how to beat that army? Zerg players can't even beat just Ravens + Battlecruisers no matter what they make. HSM is too good against clumped units.

    I've never used Battlecruisers, and I haven't seen them against Protoss so I have no idea how they'd do...

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    Nice post!

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    Ok someone gave me a better idea on how to do it:

    1 Rax gasless expand, drop both gas at ~20 supply. Open 1-1-1, reactor on barracks, tech lab on factory, tech lab on starport (cloak banshees). Basically you turtle and try to take a third by the 10 minute mark. Make tanks/marines/banshees and a raven.

    What most people would do now is add more barracks after they get their second base, usually something like 3 rax. What I do now is, I'll pull the barracks off the reactor after filling up about 3 bunkers, and add a second factory on that reactor and start making hellions and thors after getting a good number of tanks. You should probably focus on doing this before getting a third, and then when you do get your third base just add 3 more factories with tech labs and start making tanks. The barracks isn't useless, you need it for ghosts (not a lot though). Add a tech lab on the barracks around the 12 minute mark and start making ghosts until you get about 5.

    This build is a little more efficient than the one I thought of at first because you can actually hold off any early attacks like it's nothing. Protoss death balls can't walk into tank lines apparently. You are screwed if they get voids, but nobody does that nowadays.

    Build Order:
    Spoiler below. Click to show.

    Here's just a 1-1-1 build that you can look at, I used this same build except I transitioned into mech instead of adding barracks. It also shows you want tanks will do to any pressure from the Protoss player. - that's not me by the way, REQRookie donated the replay for my learning experience LOL

    Edit: I would also say that even if you don't think that this is a good idea, just try it out against a computer or a friend. It's also a good way to practice mech. You never know what you might find by trying something like this.


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