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    Hey there everyone
    It is late already, so I'm going to keep this short...ish

    I've been playing dota, and MOBA games for years now. and i feel like it's time to really take it to another level.

    I've played high tier games of both Dota, and HON (ew) and I feel, As well as my stream viewers feel like I should be playing on a team with players of equal if not even greater skill than I.
    I am by no means perfect. and like every player, have lots of room for improvement. but i have a great basis to work on. and Willing to give a lot of teams a try. I have yet to have any competitive dota 2 experience. But im really looking forward to getting some

    So if anyone knows of any teams that are recruiting. Or feel like playing a few, Feel free to send me a PM and ill get back to you asap

    thanks guys

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    just a little update,

    i put together a team, completely coached and captained by myself. it mostly consisted of friends that just enjoy dota2 and were by no means looking to compete on a competitive level
    we played in the prodota2 tournament, making it to the ro8 in the qualifiers which gave us a seat in pool play

    in the pool play we only dropped games to blitz gaming, which was 100% carried by bdiz. and another game too belibers which are currently in first place at 10-2.

    at the moment im looking to ring for teams that are actually competing at a professional level. or even join an active roster that will allow me to play to my full potential and not have to worry about watching all the other people im playing with to ensure that they are doing the correct moves to secure us a win.

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    Best of luck with finding a team to play for at the pro level!

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    Quote Originally Posted by confire View Post
    Best of luck with finding a team to play for at the pro level!
    TY hopefully it will work out

    i've got chad trying to help me find one


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