Hey there everyone
It is late already, so I'm going to keep this short...ish

I've been playing dota, and MOBA games for years now. and i feel like it's time to really take it to another level.

I've played high tier games of both Dota, and HON (ew) and I feel, As well as my stream viewers feel like I should be playing on a team with players of equal if not even greater skill than I.
I am by no means perfect. and like every player, have lots of room for improvement. but i have a great basis to work on. and Willing to give a lot of teams a try. I have yet to have any competitive dota 2 experience. But im really looking forward to getting some

So if anyone knows of any teams that are recruiting. Or feel like playing a few, Feel free to send me a PM and ill get back to you asap

thanks guys