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Thread: A look back : Team Complexity

  1. Default A look back : Team Complexity

    A look back : Team Complexity

    Complexity Gaming was founded in late 2003 by lawyer and Counter-Strike fan Jason "1" Lake. Throughout the early stages of the team there was no sponsors support, resulting in Jason himself being responsible for all the payments that were due, much different from other well established E-sport teams that ran through sponsorship money and merchandise. The rocky start to Jason's professional gaming team project was accompanied by a shortage of player talent, resulting in a failure of the team to gain any notable success in its early stages.
    In the May of 2004 long time CS star of teams such as X3 and Team 3d, Sean "Bullseye" Morgan decided to retire from professional gaming due to the fact that he felt under payed and couldn't make a living playing on a professional level. Jason immediately reacted to the development making Bullseye an offer in early June he couldn't refuse, making him the highest paid Counter-Strike player in the history of the game.
    Bullseye's presence on the roster was used by Jason to advertise his team and bring in several other high profile players. The team Jason was able to build late 2004 consisted of talented players such as Danny "fRoD" Montaner, Corey "tr1p" Dodd, Matt "Warden" Dickens and Tyler "Storm" Wood, all to become long time players for the organisation in the upcoming years. The newly set up complexity team faced a lot of critic from the community as it was the first time in the history of CS that a roster was build solely around buying up players and it was expected that no chemistry existed between them as a team...

    to continue reading this article (pictures and videos added) and several others about CS teams of the past, please visit :

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    Nice read, this reminds me a lot of the "compLexity: Redemption" documentary. I would love to see you continue updating it!

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    This is a great read for the background information appreciate it man.

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    Just because of this I had to go back and watch all of the coL.cs movies. I miss those awesome days

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    and now today the cs scene in the US is all but dead with top us players getting man handled at international events, i can remember back when if you heard you had 3D or col in your group/bracket you cringed

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    Hoping that Torbull decides to eventually bring 3D back what with GO coming out in August.

    To see 3D vs coL again would be sooooo good. ^^
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    Cool movies in that post!

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    He lives!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfg View Post
    Cool movies in that post!
    Was just trying to look up your old website a few weeks back after watching coL: Armageddon (one of the best CS films to ever come out, if you haven't seen it yet!).

    Glad to see you're still around, tfg!
    Oldie from the '04 era.
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