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Thread: I need help figuring out TvP aggression

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    Default I need help figuring out TvP aggression

    All I know is 1 rax FE into 4 rax pumping out marines for 6-8 minutes. It's not working for me because it's a very macro heavy build I think. You don't have much of an opportunity to put pressure on your opponent.

    I do think 1 rax FE is the best way to go for TvP but what are the variants of it that allow different options to come into play. Like earlier medivacs, tanks possibly for defense for a few minutes, or even faster upgrades. I know it's not really possible to tech, expand, and build an army at the same time within the first 10 minutes.

    Here is probably a display of my usual performance against Protoss players:

    I sacrificed a lot trying to kill 2 nexus' when I thought he was only on 3 bases, but he took a 4th earlier than i had expected and I also made way too many scvs (79) and didn't make very many marauders/upgrade fast as well as I didn't get ghosts. I really wanted this game to end before the late game.

    Edit: Wonder what it would have been like if I skipped gas and got 2 more barracks instead. Maybe even 1 gas and 1 tech lab.

    If you do watch the replay I wouldn't bother watching after the first 12 minutes I couldn't get rid of all my minerals (needed tech labs on my barracks).

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    Try something like 1 rax FE into 3 rax TOTAL and then add two gas on. From there you want 2 tech labs 1 reactor, fact, starport. Mess around with some variations of that. It works well for me.

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    Will do - I'm trying to ninja Polt's builds but I never really see the opener lol. I think I should stop going for a 4th base so soon, I should get the 4th cc but should focus on getting more units out and doing more aggression. 3 Base bio terran seems good enough to do anything consistently.

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    Just briefly glossing over the replay so far. See you're going for a gasless expand into 4 rax marine pressure.

    First thing I'd say is - you let your initial 4 marines take unnecessary damage. If you want to keep them by the rocks to deny the stalker up there that's fine, but aside from that, keep them in your bunker and then hide your other marines until you go for a push. That way he can't get a read on what you're doing. He went straight to robo after he expanded so what you did should have punished him very hard, but the pot shots he took on your marines did not help you.

    Also, your build is designed to put on some pressure, and basically trade the marines and make the protoss spend his gas (more sentries, stalkers), and maybe get some probes if not win the game right there. But what you do is send 10 marines (with 6 more sitting at your natural), four of which have the following hitpoints remaining: 25, 15, 5, 35. So uh, what exactly do you hope to accomplish aside from giving him free marines to kill? Plus the micro was a little shoddy as well.

    You also start concussive before stim, why? It finishes pretty quickly. You want stim going asap.

    Just some general things: Try to see his observer in your base/snipe it. He saw your quick 3rd CC going. Also, make sure you're pumping scvs. Your ebay finishes at 8:56 yet you don't upgrade until 10:07. Imagine having your +1 over 1 minute faster.

    Again, he went quick robo (he's going to be lacking in units) and then took a quick 3rd in response to seeing yours. Pausing the game at 9:40, you have enough to probably kill him/take his natural out. Do you realize that? I mean, it's almost pointless to look at the late-mid/end game because you've already had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the situation or win and you haven't. Of course if you give your opponent every opportunity to win, they're going to take it eventually. Your bad macro also cost you the game T_T

    You could be like 20 supply higher than you are at 13:40 in the game, at least (as long as you don't supply block yourself as well), with your +2 almost close to finished (if we started +1 1 minute earlier), and you could have also loaded up your 3rd/4th medivac and flown it to his natural while you pressured his 3rd.

    Also, at 22:10, at the very least you're even, you're not behind, you did damage to him, and you're setting up your 4th/5th, maybe 6th, you have a good number of orbitals (and you can also make planetary next to your orbitals ^^). You can afford to start sacking scvs to free up more supply and use mules for income, but you don't do that. You attack into his 4th for what reason? If you want to put on pressure you can send a medivac to his main and de-power pylons. Harassing nukes/ghosts for emps wouldn't have been bad in your position either.

    Also, you had idle scvs (once you mined out minerals) for quite some time that, at the very least (you should sack :P buttt)at the very least have them distance mine.

    And then the very last engagement with 1 medivac T_T lulz, you had it right to come in from behind, but you need to sandwhich/use that apm to dodge storms (emp plz) and yah, that last fight could have gone your way if done right as well but that was pretty much game over. You had about a million chances to win, so take your pick on where you want to start :P

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    I don't remember which replay this was and I did switch to zerg for a while... But I think I remember not having any energy on all of my ghosts and that's why I couldn't emp. I forgot the energy upgrade. I usually do that as zerg with infestors too lol. I also think I usually build a lot of medivacs but I don't save them for some reason. I appreciate the help though because it's slowly helping me improve.

    Things I suck at with Terran:

    • Drops (They're so easy yet I just don't do them for some reason).
    • Macro while in combat or moving my army (i should probably just hold the A button down to make as many marines as I can while my army is just moving and not being attacked).
    • SCV Count (too damn high most of the time).
    • Supply blocks in the mid-game (could probably make 3-4 depots at once).

    I think I'm decent in the early game it's just once I get to the mid-game (which is probably the most important stage of the game), I start to lose track of what's going on in my base. It's usually delayed upgrades or halted unit production. I just need to start getting better at multitasking and maybe even staring at the mini-map more often. It's not like I need to stare at marines moving across the map lol.

    I really do want to switch from Zerg to Terran though... Just not until I feel capable of doing it.


    I recently tried Terran out in a game against a diamond player just for fun with the same build... I found out how powerful drops really are. I was able to scan a guys army, then use a 2 medivac drop in his main to lure his army back into his base and then kill his 3 collosi as they were moving towards the drop. It helped so much as far as getting a good position to attack. I would say that's one of the best parts about drops, they give you a higher chance of catching the other guy's army out of position.

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    That's the replay

    Your Terran isn't bad per se, and making "a lot of workers" is not bad in it of itself. You could have won many times without getting to the point where you have to decide "Do I sack some workers now?"

    So don't fret. You didn't make any huge glaring mistakes where I was like, "Why is he bothering trying to play this game?"

    There's quite a few things you could clean up which could help you improve greatly, not just in TvP but through all match ups. ^^

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    Yeah I'm starting to see that it's not just a match up related problem it's more of a habitual problem. I figured out that people do roughly the same builds up until masters it's just the way they execute things is what gets them there.


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