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Thread: ESPN for Esports?

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    Hey folks, still pretty new to the esports community and wanted to know if there were any places like ESPN, but for esports?

    I've found a couple of places that report on news, but they're usually only reporting news about their teams, companies.

    There is one I've been checking out, they're still pretty new and looks like they need some more work, but the name is Pro Gaming Weekly. Host dude needs some practice being in front of a camera and the graphics are kind of cheesy, but he seems to cover what's going on in sc2 all over the place. mlg, gsl and more.

    they have a facebook page, if anyone wants to check them out. not many likes but again, guess they're still new.


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    By the looks of it, they're independent and just doing a weekly cap of SC2. Those are other great sites, but too much news and information being thrown my way, I just wanna see the games and who won quickly.

    Their website's btw


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