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Thread: Question About 1v1....

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    I don't see how that's an issue.

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    you don't have chance?

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    So new players should just not bother with CS because it's been out for so long and they have no chance at going pro?

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    nope but as I was asking before We need some new game not some sequel

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    TG chan if u wanna be good @ the game go get the quakes that are out now and practice...

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    i am playing css already ;/ + i would like to play realistic fps shooting game

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    I dunno I would rather play a game like quake 3 because then you can actually depend on yourself to win and not 4 other guys...

    Anyway what is up with quakelive why haven't they released it yet? it said 3Q 2008 now its 2009 and its a no show?
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    It's undergoing closed beta atm.

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    Quake Live is in closed beta. If you didn't get the beta and still want to practice for it, go get Quake 3 Arena, download the CPMA Mod and start fragging.

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    or message me for invites on irc, i still have 2 left. my nick's myEG|DetonatoR


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