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    Hey... well in the "Zid fan movie" thread it wouldn't let me post for some reason.. i guess the message was to long. Anyways...

    There is a guy on noobflicks named EJA who helped me get better at movie making. He sent me this message :

    There is an excellent guide that similarly follows how I create clips and can be found here (you will need an account to access the guide) -

    For getting my colors my guide can be found here -

    I use Sony SoundForge to record sound and VirtualDub to make the .bmp's into .avi's and those guides can be found here -

    For my final render I use Windows Media Encoder and a guide for that can be found here -

    Also, to get much better quality textures i used ( make sure to read the read me)

    If you have any questions, i guess ask eja.

    Here are some of his clips:

    The Zid movie was great, not overly edited at all, this is just for better quality.

    Hope this helps

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    I need the quality help thnx man I will definantely save all those links.

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    You could even have someone move this to the tutorial section of the forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdubya View Post
    You could even have someone move this to the tutorial section of the forums?
    I guess if any admins wanna move it they can. Just threw it into the movie making section cause it was to big of a post for actual thread.
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