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Thread: Street Fighter 4

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    Anybody planning on EVO in July?
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    Man my team got beat pretty bad. I didn't do too bad though since I only started playing a week ago. I had a few execution errors that could have won me some rounds/matches though. =(

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    who were u playing? and playing against?

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    We got OCV'd by Ronstoppable, then we got OCV'd by this Guile player. I could have beaten the Guile player but something weird happened the first round when we both had little life and i made an execution error at the end of the second round when we both had little life (got the roll kick instead of EX-Messiah Kick). I was playing Rufus on a team with an Akuma and Ken.

    I wasn't a fan of the set up and crowded-ness though b/c I didn't get a chance to shake the guy's had that beat us either time. =/ It kind of just slipped my mind because he was so far away. I know I can do better next time though with some practice and (hopefully) a bit of warm up.

    How did your team do?

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    Well, i didnt have a team when i got there cause my bro and i was looking for a third. So, these other 2 guys needed one of us to be on there team cause they needed a third player so my bro went on there team.

    like 30 min after, when the tourney already started a guy named black pyro and cody just got there and needed a third so they ask me and i said yes. So, we lost both our games which sucked but ehh still fun. i was playing sagat and the other 2 were playing abel, and blanka.

    if u noticed i was facing bebop my first game and his button didnt work so they had to replace it and start over.. so yeah, i did ok but team wise wasnt that good.

    talk about last minute team lol.

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    Haha yeah I remember your team. We called you guys "Team James Games" because I remember seeing the Blanka player and Black Pyro at JG all the time.


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