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Thread: Video games linked to poor relationships

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    Default Video games linked to poor relationships


    Well no shit. If you spend 58% of the day playing a video game, 33% sleeping (If you sleep 8 hours), then you only have 9% of the day to spend with people and that isn't much.

    What a dumb study to categorize all gamers in. Noobs.

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    Meh... at first my wife wasn't use to dating a gamer...... she got use to it, and now she is a gamer herself, so its more of a bonding thing for us.. And my daughter, (only 18months) loves watching me play and hitting the buttons in rage like her daddy does =O) -- So i'd have to disagree with the study in full...just gotta take it with moderation.

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    4. way to go Einstein, what next masturbation leads to sweaty palms?

    Best reply, specially cause he is right >.<

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    I've been in a relationship for ~3 years. She's watched me play CS in the past. But I was never really serious in the game. I'd only play with friends in the early morning hours when I wasn't with the girl. And the only times I've ever played is when we had a match and I told her ahead of time that she can do whatever she wants. She's watched me play before, but she usually just talks to my brother, sister, parents. There are many alternatives, and the author really didn't expand on them in my opinion.

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    like I wouldn't knew that....


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