Top 3 NA Challenger Series Teams and Relegation Preview

By Jorge “Caldo” Calderon - @coL_Caldo The NA LCS Summer Split has come to an end. The coL.LoL squad has come far and improved a tremendous amount. They went from being the underdogs who...

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#ProjectRed Revealed: compLexity Returns To DOTA 2

Today compLexity Gaming is proud to announce our return to competitive DOTA 2. After a two year absence from the scene we are excited to team up with rising DOTA stars, Team stayGreen. Beginning...

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Interview with coL.DOTA captain - swindlemelonzz

by Sören 'Fantasy' Vendsahm This week I was able to talk with the new compLexity DOTA team’s captain, Kyle “swindlemelonzz” Freedman. We were able to get a look into the...

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coL.SC2 @ Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit

Today, the compLexity Starcraft II team is in Detroit, Michigan for the Red Bull Battlegrounds Qualifier Series. 128 players, including coL.SC2's QXC, Hendralisk, Moosegills and Midday, will...

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Happy Birthday Jason Lake!

On behalf of the compLexity Gaming Family, we would like to wish Jason "1" Lake a very Happy Birthday as he turns the old, yet ever so wise age of 43! Jason has emerged to many as one of esport's...

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