compLexity Announces coL.SMITE

Today compLexity Gaming is proud to announce the opening of a new division, and the acquisition of a new team - coL.SMITE! The popular third person action MOBA has recently seen huge growth as an...

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coL.DOTA Week in Review; Bootcamp Begins

Less than a week ago the compLexity Gaming DOTA 2 division had great news to announce. In order to improve communication, team spirit and overall performance, coL.DOTA moved to the team house in Los...

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compLexity Hearthstone Adds SjoW

As Hearthstone continues to grow, so does compLexity Gaming’s involvement in the game. Our two current members, Dog and Noxious, already has a strong foundation in various parts of the...

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coL.HS @ SeatStory Cup II

Beginning today, coL.Hearthstone begins their run through our first offline event as we are in Krefeld, Germany for SeatStory Cup II. David "Dog" Caero and the newest acquisition to coL.HS,...

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Card Games in Krefeld's Inn; Dog at SeatStory Cup II Preview

by Sören 'Fantasy' Vendsahm The eyes of the Hearthstone world will be directed upon Krefeld, Germany this weekend. The small city in close proximity to Cologne and Dusseldorf might not be the...

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