compLexity Creative SB Inferno Giveaway!

Contest Want your chance to score some of the sweet new Creative SB Inferno headsets? We're giving one away to three lucky winners this week, and it's as easy as logging into Facebook (What? You're...

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coL.LoL vs Dignitas - LCS Week 10

compLexity 7-16 VS 12-11 Dignitas Closing out the 10th week of the North American LCS, coL.LoL takes on Dignitas. Team Dignitas currently sits at 12-11, in the fifth position in the...

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coL.LoL vs LMQ - LCS Week 10

compLexity 7-15 VS 15-7 LMQ Today, compLexity League of Legends looks to secure their eighth win of the North American LCS season as they take on LMQ. LMQ comes into this match in...

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Sorry Ladies, He's Taken; Brian Jackson Gets Married!

On behalf of the compLexity Gaming family, we are honored to announce that our very own Manager of Business Development, Brian Jackson, has been married today!  Although gaming is a huge part...

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coL.LoL vs TSM - LCS Week 9

compLexity 7-14 VS 12-9 TSM Going into the second day of week 9 of the North American LCS, CompLexity Gaming League of Legends is going up against Team Solomid. In the last time...

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