coL.DOTA in Excellent Moscow Cup

Today, compLexity DOTA will continue their run through the Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2. There the team will fight notable opponents like Na’Vi, Meet Your Makers, Fnatic and Team Empire...

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coL.SC2 in CHEO Invitational

Over the past few days, coL.SC2 has been competing in the CHEO Invitational, a charity driven tournament which features only top tier StarCraft players from around the world to raise money for...

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coL.DOTA in Canada Cup 2014

Beginning today, compLexity DOTA begins their run through Canada Cup 2014. The event features 16 of North America's top teams, including Na`Vi, coL and Sneaky Nyx Assassins. compLexity will begin the...

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Interview: Dog Answers The Call

by Sören 'Fantasy' Vendsahm This week I was able to talk with the new compLexity Hearthstone superstar, David "Dog" Caero. We dove into topics such as the current Hearthstone meta, upcoming...

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coL.DOTA in ESL One New York Qualifier

Today, compLexity DOTA will continue their run through the ESL One New York Qualifier. The event will feature eight teams from three different regions. 4 European and 3 North American teams will...

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