Clash Royale

Clash Royale
  • coltonw83Colton Wall

    Colton began playing Clash Royale a month after the game was released while in his senior year of high school in the Dallas, Texas area. He then moved to California where he decided to attend the King’s Cup tournament for fun. He ended up placing 2nd at that tournament and won $10,000. Since then he has been playing, streaming, coaching, and making videos on CR full time and has never looked back. Colton’s accomplishments include 2nd Place Kings Cup, CRNAO Finalist, 1st Place Gamergy Masters, Top-10 CCGS NA, 1st Place CCGS Invitational, Top-16 CCGS World Final, and Team USA Captain.

  • AdrianAdrian Piedra

    Adrian Piedra is a Clash Royale pro from Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico. He began playing Clash Royale during the game's release when his best friend introduced him to it. Adrian played regularly while he overcame a back injury, which gave him the time required to play at a competitive level. He is considered one of the best players in the game, and has dominated competitions in Latin America as well as around the world. Adrian's list of accomplishments include 2nd Place CCGS LATAM Spring Season, 1st Place CCGS LATAM Fall Season, 5-8th Place CCGS World Finals, 5th Place King's Cup, and is a member of the Mexican National Team.

  • RazzerMichael Roper

    Razzer is a professional Clash Royale player from the Mid West who has been in the competitive scene for about a year. He is a max ladder player who also enjoys creating new decks and play testing in grand challenges. Because of this, he has become a very versatile competitive player. His favorite thing about Clash Royale is how the game brings people together from all over the world, and he greatly appreciates all the connections he has made because of this game. Razzer’s list of accomplishments include a 6,431 trophy high, 550k cards won, and a 2nd place finish at SXSW.

  • ChacheChanler Ellsworth

    Indiana to California- that’s the journey for the young Clash Royale professional thus far, from his humble beginnings of being an under-the-radar deck builder straight to joining a CRL team. Making a name for himself by playing off-meta deck, Chache is a threat in every game. Creative solutions for counter-decks, off-meta usage of cards, those are just some of his specialties and traits that he brings to the mix that is the compLexity Gaming CRL squad.

  • El JefeKevin Cara

    The discovery of the CRL Combine showcase, El Jefe played himself into serious contention with a strong showing against the best talent in North America. The young Canadian had a history in the top sphere of the scene already, but didn’t break through yet. Now his time to shine has come, as the 23 year old follows up appearances at King’s Cup and CCGS with the prestigious Clash Royale League for compLexity Gaming.